VALAMO Studio is a high quality photography studio based in Helsinki, Finland serving primarily business customers.

Founded by Marko Hannula who has nearly two decades of photography experience in studio, sports and news photography as well as stock photography. Over the years we have served such customers as Iltalehti, Aamulehti, Julkaisu Bookers and SM-liiga as well as several other noteworthy clients.

Nowdays we shoot both digital and 35mm film with Nikon gear. We have also middle format film camera to shoot 120 film. In studio we rely on Elinchrom lightning equipment.

Projects page contains both stock images and some of my non-commercial work which I shoot simply to learn new techniques and photography genres. I also believe that stepping outside one's comfort zone is the most effective way to acquire new skills.

Please let us know your vision and we will fulfill it with passion.

VALAMO Studio is a Adobe Stock and Shutterstock contributor.
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